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Our Mistresses are waiting online right now to start your online domination cam training, where you will learn how to be a good slave and what to do in a dungeon cam show with a strict serious Mistress. We have many different types of dominas available from Russian Mistresses to Romanian Mistress as well as American Femdoms and British Pro Dommes.

If you want to try out your submissive side with an online lady who lives and thrives on strict domination online then you have found the right site to get you started. Continue browsing through our site and see for yourself why our females are the strictest, cruellest, most lethal and sadistic women you will find on the internet.

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I will always take complete control of you, your mind, soul and body total ownership in a domination session

I really want you to explore the bdsm scene for you to let go and experience what it is like to have someone in complete control of you. To shut the door on your life as you know it and to submit fully to a Mistress who loves what she does and she does it very well our dominant females know how to get what they want at all times.

We know exactly what buttons to press in my slaves and sissies and am good at what we do, pushing your boundaries at all times and having you exactly where I want you to be. You will explore and try new things and take your new role as my slave very seriously. You can meet many of our cruel Mistresses on the domination cams section

Before we start our session it is always a good idea to check our profiles and see what we will and don’t do in a cam session however you will find most things go with most of these live Mistresses. We love to push you and make you experiment with new things like cock and ball torture or feminization as well as anal training and orgasm control.

We are females who love the power and want to take you on a journey of real domination and submission and train you on how to worship a mistress properly. You must learn how to address us and make us happy at all times.

I will get inside your head, i will get to know you on all levels and with that information, I will use it to take you to a much higher level. You will become our plaything, our toy, our weak symbol of servitude.

If you are ready to test out our wicked females out and find out for yourself why they are so mean and just how cruel they can then step inside our live rooms that are at the top of this page. We have females from all over the world ready to dominate, control and manipulate you. They thrive on  and to watch suffer as they inflict pain on they  balls

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Cock and ball torture Webcam domination

There are many different levels of cbt  ( cock and ball torture) from mild to extreme, so do remember to discuss with the online female host as to what level you are at or what you are looking to experiment with. From hardcore ballbusting and needles put in your cock with pegs on your balls, to some erotic slapping and twisting as well as many other ways to have fun with them. Hot candle wax and cold ice at the same time ( hot and cold play) as well as using electros and sounds to put down the front of your cock.We have some amazing ladies waiting to dominate, degrade and humiliate and they love nothing more than

You will quickly find how much enjoyment our Wicked, kinky Mistresses  get out of these types of sessions and they will give you some indication of what they want you to bring to the live webcam show, which will be items around your house, like ice, candles, pegs, pins, elastic bands, string, laces, cotton buds ( Q-tips), toothpaste and many other things they will demand you bring. They make you sit and slap they balls hard as you have them twisted in your hands and tied tight with laces.

Perhaps being dominated by a strict black female on cam is a huge turn on to some people, the idea of a sexy black female with huge tits and a fat butt sitting on your face demanding you do as she says can be a massive turn on to some people. There is hundreds of dark skinned women who love power and stop at nothing to get exactly what they want.If you are ready to feel the power these women process then be sure to click for the entertainment sections that are live and start to be dominated by a black dominatrix who enjoys all forms of domination and humiliation